Mr. Robert Babak Madadi Howard

Senior Analyst

Profile: Since 2005 Robert Babak Madadi Howard's main confidential multidisciplinary research focus has been on the heterogeneous nature of systemic effects precipitated by the interaction of the twin challenges in energy and finance. In simple terms, how big an effect, how soon, and what does it look like in a specific locality or sector. His other research projects have included nanotechnology and Artificial Intelligence between 1994 and  2005.

Trained in engineering, electronics and IT. With over 20 Years Experience in engineering, IT and financial systems gained as a senior IT consultant and business analyst for major global companies.

He has acted as a key senior consulted on several multi billion dollar projects. His clients have included BOC Gases, Thermo Electron Corporation, NFC Plc, Capgemeni Ernst and Young, Lloyds TSB, Barclays bank, Hyder Plc, NTL, FOX Network, NHS, Pfizer and the Inland Revenue. His experience includes Real time process control, computerised mechatronics, computerised Telecomms exchange software, real time tracking and packet switch communication systems, computerised vacuum pumps for the semiconductor industry, medical systems, financial systems development and business process analysis.


Ms. Mehrangiz Shahin
(Mary Howard)
International Commercial Arbitrator, Secretary of the SEB CIArb (South East branch)
LLM in Oil and Gas Law, MCIArb, MEI CMI MIBA Mbiicl.

Profile: Ms. M. Shahin is a Qualified International Arbitrator specializing in Oil and Gas Law.

A major challenge in international interactions is the cultural barrier between western customs and attitudes and those of other parts of the world, for example the Middle East.

With a deep understanding of both cultures it is possible to understand not just what is happening on the surface but the thought processes of various parties. Equally important is an understanding of what works best and what does not work on each side.

Ms. Shahin has extensive experience in legal consulting, advice, writing/editing contracts and advocacy including the High Courts of London with extensive negotiation and out of court settlement skills. She is the Secretary of the South East Branch of the Charted Institute of Arbitrators. In addition to Masters level academic training in writing awards and contracts, posses hands on practical experience in legal procedures, including Ilex Level six training and case management.

Ms. Shahin is fluent in both Farsi and English. Has dual Iranian and British nationality and does not require visas or work permits for either country.


Ms. K. Gillott

Finance Manager

Profile: Before joining the team Ms. Gillott had spent 28 years in the finance sector, gaining experience working for a major high street bank. Serving as a Finance Manager she managed budgets, forecasts and provided financial reports.