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Our reports are designed as an initial high level introduction for key government and corporate decision makers so that they may better prepare for the emerging challenges and opportunities. Connecting the dots between known facts and bring together pieces of the puzzle with new insights to show the bigger picture.

Topics covered include Economic Analysis, Energy Security, Food Security, geo-politics, military and trade issues. Our specialisation is in multidisciplinary research, analysing how various interconnected factors interact with one another.

"We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them" (Albert Einstein)

It is our view that due to a combination of group think and over specialisation much of the emergent affects of the interaction of forces is missed. Historically most great surprises and major world events were unforeseen for exactly this lack of insight. By investigating from first principles the assumptions and the interaction of various interrelated factors it is possible to discern major new insights that would otherwise remain hidden. We connect the dots for senior decision makers so that they are aware of emerging challenges and better placed to handle threats and benefit from opportunities.

We strive to deliver positive outcomes in the current global environment.

All of our research is based on publicly available often free sources of information, however our advanced analysis may be unavailable anywhere else in the world.